Amazon:Best-Selling Magazines for Moms

Sometimes a mom needs a magazine to flip through. Something filled with lots of pretty pictures on glossy paper. Something that uses only the tiniest corner of her brain to process. Something to hold in her hands while she gives herself a moment to catch her breath, rest her back, reorient to reality, remind herself of the world outside her backyard.

At the same time, a mom doesn’t need something to make her feel bad about the extra baby weight she’s still trying to drop, or the fact that her hair is plastered to her head because she hasn’t washed it in four days. She doesn’t need a reminder that some women have personal stylists who won’t let them go to the mailbox without looking glamorous, or who weigh 100 pounds just one week after their babies are born.

So put down the People Magazine and pick up these.

Amazon has several magazine subscriptions on sale this week for just $5. What a great Day !

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